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The bobbin thread included with the machine is Janome's own bobbin thread that they've been using since the 8000. It's very good for embroidery. As for the embroidery bobbin case, that's a departure for Janome. In every embroidery-capable machine up to now, they've used a single bobbin case for both sewing and embroidery. The machines adjust the needle tension as needed for perfect sewing and embroidery. However if you read the various lists on Yahoo, the number one problem that embroiderers are always asking for help with is bobbin thread showing on top. Bobbin tension is only one possible cause for this problem, but by putting in a bobbin case with extra tension they can ensure that no bobbin shows even if things aren't quite right.

In our tests we have gotten good embroidery results even with the standard bobbin case. We've been using Janome bobbins pre-wound with Robison-Anton bobbin thread. These are available from Janome dealers as part #RAPREW108.

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Hello, all!
Jim, is that spool of bobbin thread that's included with the machine the fine sort that requires that special bobbin case?? (Or is it meant only for the MB-4 thread and the like)?

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