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It's hard to say without tearing down the machine and inspecting chips. However I think there is a good possibility of that, because of the model numbering. The 12000 has an internal model number of 859, while the 11000 is 860. That suggests that the 12000 was on the drawing board BEFORE the 11000, and it most likely uses the memory chips that were used in the 11000.

The memory chips are soldered onto the main board, so replacing them is not an option. That means if they were to do a 12000SE, it would need a new motherboard. It's not unprecedented to have a hardware component to a machine upgrade. The "Jump Cut" option on the 11000 involved hardware replacement BUT the parts involved were a lot cheaper than a motherboard. We won't really know the details until the new model is unveiled in August. Janome has been taking a beating from Brother, who put out new models every 1-2 years, so they might be trying to match them.

In any case, there's no point in getting mad at your dealer about the price you paid, not being warned of a new model, etc. Dealers are customers of Janome too, and are deliberately kept in the dark about new models for the simple reason that Janome cannot afford to stop selling the current model until the new one ships. Many times I would buy machines, only to have new models or substantially better prices happen a few weeks later. We live in extremely fast-paced times, where technology is concerned. If you want to always have the latest and best, it will be very costly, both in dollars and stress. It's not just Janome. Apple, who typically introduces new products annually, floored everyone last fall when they came out with a 4th generation iPad just a few months after the 3rd generation model. This is, unfortunately, the way of the world we live in. Competition is harder than ever, and companies cannot afford to rest if they want to survive.

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Hi Jim,

Is it true that the stitch limit is a hardware issue on our 12000. I asked Janome America via the Janome Forum about this and this is the reply I got:
"Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Horizon Memory Craft 12000. Although Janome always offers updates and upgrades whenever possible, in this case, the stitch limit is defined in the hardware of the machine and is not something that can be updated.
As we continue to add new technology to our products, the capabilities of newer models will exceed their predecessors. While we understand that this fact may be frustrating, we also hope that it is an acceptable consequence of Janome's commitment to innovation."

I find this surprising as the 10000 did have an update that doubled the stitch count at the time the 10001 was brought on line. I can understand that they may not be able to tell us what's next or the element of surprise would be gone and folks might just wait for the newer machine. I will be very disappointed in Janome if what they replied to me becomes the next upgrade to our wonderful machines. I really like this machine and the quality of the sewing. It is the best machine I've owned since my Pfaff 1222, which doesn't have needle up/down and some other features that the modern machines have AND it does not embroider (except if I could free motion that well).

Janome also said that at this time there were no upgrade/updates for other hoops than what we already have.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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