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When I purchased my 12000 in February at a deep discount, I asked the dealer if he was discounting it so much because Janome was planning to release a new model, and he flat out said no. Of course, I pretty much knew that he was either misleading me or was in the dark (not likely) but I got my machine at half off with the software and this machine has many more capabilities that I think I might ever be able to master, so I am happy with my purchase even if I am having to reconfigure the top of my sewing cabinet from using my 6600P. It is a small inconvenience to deal with considering the awesome machine I have now.


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I am very disappointed that my dealer did not advise me of the suspected new machine coming out. I just bought mine about 2 weeks ago. I am very upset as I went from a Viking Designer 1 to the 12000,. The only reason I did it was because of the USB issue but I paid close to the same amount of money and did not receive software. Big bummer.

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