i am a newie to the site. Live in QLD Australia, on my own after recent passing of D H. Have owned Janome machines since 1982 and still have my memory Craft 6000 28 years. Have a daughter in Adelaide getting married in Sept 12. A son, daughter in law and two small granddaughters( 2 1/2 & 12 weeks) in Darwin whom I am visiting at Christmas.

Joined to get info on the 12000 as I am considering upgrading my 5 month old 7700 which I got after having a 6600 for 4 years. I have never used an embroidery machine before and it seems a bit daunting. But that said I think I am ready for a few new challenges in my life.
I have been into my dealer and he has offered me the 12000 for $8500 Aus. (rrp 11999). I reminded him my 7700 was hardly used so he brought down to $8000. I rang around and got similar offer from another dealer further away.
Then I asked about the 3160 as I would like option of a machine to stitch on while the embroideries stitch out. Second dealer gave a price of $699. Original dealer said Yes I can "chuck it in" and at NO extra price!!
Am seriously considering deal and off to dealer on Monday for a look and play.

Have belonged to the group sites for both other machines and find them very helpful

Cooloola Coast QLD

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