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Diane notes that when you push the lever down, it feels like something is going to break. But it won't! Note that when you put the plate back on, you'll need to press on the circle target on the right side of the plate. It does take a fair bit of pressure to snap it back on.

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Hi, Jim. I'm enjoying playing with my new machine, but have hit a slight snag. I want to pop out one needle plate for another and have followed instructions on page 100 of the new instruction book.

Here's my issue. When I go to push down the needle plate release lever it moves loosely up and down by 1/4" or so. If I try to push any further I meet resistance. How far does the lever go down when it releases the needle plate on your machine? Does your lever move loosely before you push further?

I don't want to push too hard and break anything - unless I'm supposed to be pushing hard!

Thanks for any suggestion you can offer me...


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