Re: New owner janome 12000 Thread


Hi Gerda, Cheryl,

Thanks for your replies, you both make a lot of sense. It will help me as I learn.

The problem with the thread is not the quality, my 11000SE so far has sewn beautifully with any thread I use. The thread is pretty, of course not as gorgeous as the 3 spools of Floriani that I picked up, but then again they didn't cost nearly as much.

The problem is me, basically, I feel I don't know what I'm doing, and I find it extremely hard to match the colors for shadowing and shading. For example, I can pick red when it shows red, but then I usually don't have shades of red to get the right shading. I did buy some other thread from metroemb., so now I have about 100 cones of thread without having all of the colors I need.

I'm intrigued that you think a good digitizer will use fewer colors, and that could be the answer to my problem. Perhaps I need to find different websites to download designs. Right now I've only been using, because I don't know what other sites to trust. The designs are inexpensive, but that does me no good since they often user many colors, so I don't even stitch out what I do buy. The last time I embroidered it felt like work, so I stopped.

What sites would be good for better digitized designs? Where do you get your designs? And how did you build up your thread collection?

Thanks so much for your help,


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