Re: Question re the 9.1" x 11.8" hoop

Cheryl Paul


I don't know if you got an answer of the 12000 hoops. All of the hoops are a one design hoop, meaning that you don't need to split any as long as the design fits in the dimensions of the hoop. i.e.: 230 X 300 - GR hoop; 230 X 230 - SQ23; 140 X 140 - SQ14; and 100 X 140 - FA10. I've given the metric measurements as they reflect the names of hoops. So if you have a design that is 230 cm X 299 (300) and is less than 100,000 stitches, you can embroider it in the GR hoop. If your design is more than 100,000, you will need to split it. Someone else will have to comment on that as I haven't encountered because I haven't stitched a very large design.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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The 9x9 block will fit in your SQhoop. the sewing is 9.1 x 9.1 which will
give you plenty of sewing area.


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Vicky Jo, I am wanting to do a crazy quilt block from Kenny's creations.
The size of the block is 9" x 9". Thanks Gerri

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Gerri, Which design are you trying to do & what are the dimensions?
Vicki Jo

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Can someone let me know if I use the above hoop do I have to split the
design first (ala pfaff and husqvarna) or does it stitch out the whole
design without turning the hoop.

I hope this makes sense. Gerri

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