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Hi Kathy,

I'm hoping you can learn a bit from my mistakes.

My first (and only at this point) embroidery machine is my Janome 11000SE, which is a very easy machine to use. (I haven't committed to the 12000 yet, but hope to soon.)

Anyway, my mistake was buying about 60 spools of no-name thread on eBay before I bought the machine, I was so excited to get started embroidering. But I didn't know which colors to pick, they don't have numbers that I can use to figure out the colors with the embroidery machine, and now I don't want to waste all that money that I spent, so I haven't bought much more thread. As a consequence, I rarely embroider because I don't have the right threads.

If I had it to do over again, I would have figured out which threads worked well on my machine, either through this group or by buying one or two of a brand first, and seeing how well it stitches out. (I suspect the 12000, like the 11000SE, will take any brand of thread without complaint, but I'm sure others on this group will let you know.)

I also would have made sure that the brand(s) I bought could be matched to the suggested colors on the machine. When I see a design I like with 15-20 thread changes I get overwhelmed with having to match the colors on my own.

Right now what I'm thinking of buying thread for each design I buy, as a way to build up a new supply of thread without breaking the bank at one time.

Finally, I would buy polyester instead of rayon.

Hope this helps a little bit,


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I am a new owner of the Janome 12000 I have been doing piecing and a few small monograms, I've never owned an embroidery machine and I have a lot to learn. Looking forward to sharing and learning new tips.

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