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Now that we know what you are doing we can respond (a little) more intelligently. You need to use water soluble stabilizer for a project of this type. If the whole thing stitches fine until you get to a specific spot, there are most likely too many stitches in that spot. You have no control over that, and there's not much you can do to correct it. If you have Digitizer you could maybe use EasyEdit in Stitch Mode to delete or move the excess stitches. I would suggest taking a photo of it to show the problem area and contact the designer.

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Hi Jim,

No I am not doing FSL. I just posted a reply previous to this one, where I explain what I am working on.

Thanks for the tip. I will different stabilizer the next one I make


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Aqua Magic is a water soluble stabilizer. Are you doing freestanding lace (FSL)? If not, this is not a good stabilizer for dense designs non-lace designs. Cut away would be better. If you are doing FSL you might try using a fine serger thread. Janome makes 60wt and 90wt serger thread that makes great FSL. Few dealers carry it, and it's more expensive than any other serger thread, but it does make great lace.

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Thank you Jim

I changed the needle to the blue one. Was using the needle that came already attached tithe machine, which was a red one. I'm almost done with the design, hopefully that will solve the problem. As for stabilizer, I am using inspira aqua magic.

I plan to make a few more. Will be interesting to know if this time around all will go smooth sailing. If it happens again in the same area, then its the design.

Thanks again for your reply.


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