Re: using the convertible free motion set on the Janome 12000


Hello Janet,
thanks for the info. The part number will be helpfull. I would be glad to use that foot for FMQ.


Op 23-04-13 18:44, janetpiekarski schreef:


The convertible free motion foot set that comes with the 8900 (which has metal feet does fit onto the 12000 very nicely) I don't know the part number but will find out. It's definitely not the foot set for just a high shank, like Jim says, the apparatus from the 12000 gets in the way (the 8900 has that same apparatus so they must have redesigned it)

--- In janome12000@..., "Jim_Stutsman" wrote:
> The reason Gerda wanted to use the convertible free motion set was to get the metal foot with the small eyelet. The QC foot that comes with the 12000 is plastic and larger than the metal foot in the convertible set.
> --- In janome12000@..., freida wrote:
> >
> > There is a convertible free motion set for the 12000 and it comes with
> > the machine. The difference is the feet snap on to the shank and do not
> > screw on. It comes with the same 3 feet that the original convertible
> > free motion set has. If you are using one from your 11000 or any other
> > machine, you take the chance of damaging your machine and possibly
> > voiding your warranty.
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