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Thanks for your quick reply. Once I pick out the stitches I have put in I will choose another and hopefully get this quilt finished before the baby is born!

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Your problem is stitch 109. This is a reverse-cycle stitch, meaning it goes forward and backward in creating the stitch. Stitches of this type do not work well with layers, especially flannel which is grabby by nature. Pick a stitch that goes forward only and use one of the Dual Feed feet.

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I am working on a flannel baby quilt and trying to use a decorative stitch between rows of blocks. It is thick because there is flannel on the front and back and batting between. I am having trouble feeding the quilt evenly, it is binding and wrinkling on the back. I am using decorative stitch 109. Should I be using foot F as the decorative stitch says or the walking foot ( I have tried both)? Is there an adjustment I don't know about?
Thanks for your help. I learn so much from this group.

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