5x7 HOOP for the 12K

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Every embroidery house has 5x7 designs....LOTS of them.    We shouted loud enough with the 11K and got the 5x7.  I'm hoping enough shout again and Janome offers the 5x7 hoop for the 12K!!   
I've been to the Janome website and left my comments for them to make a 5x7 hoop for the 12K.  
The more who ask for it, the sooner it will come???

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I have to say that I too do not think I am interested in a new machine at this time.  I truly love this machine and do not see how it can be improved (unless it would be with a 5 X 7 frame and possibly upping the stitch count).

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I would sooner think that there will be an opportunity to purchase an upgrade to this machine making it a different version and that all 12000s coming out after a certain date will be that version. This machine hasn't been on the market for the five years that they usually take for the R and D to be recovered and to come up with the "latest and greatest"
Truthfully I am so happy with this machine that anything newer doesn't interest me.

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> Heard a rumor from a dealer that this summer Janome will be coming out with a step up from the 1200. They have said there will be a conference announcing the changes in the machine this summer. Hopefully there will be an upgrade for the 12000 as I cannot afford a new machine. Lets keep our ears open!
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