Re: Is It Possible? Another new machine?

Sheila <rainbird@...>

Me too!  I have the 11000 which I love but would like to be able to use a longer embroidery designs without having to split them.  An embroidery only machine (single needle) with a longer embroidery field would be my ideal.  

I read and enjoy all the messages relating to the 12000 and have given the machine a test run but with a limited income in retirement I don't really see one in my immediate future so an amb only with a good embroidery field would be great.

Western Australia

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On 22/04/2013, at 6:53 AM, "Richard and Debra" <doherty4@...> wrote:

That is what I’m waiting on!! An embroidery only machine that will use at least the 8x8 square hoop!!  I have the 8900, so I don’t need a combo machine, and I have the 350E, which is a great machine, but I want a single-needle embroidery only machine that uses the larger hoops!!  I’m still waiting!!
Deb (KY)

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