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Thanks, Gerda, the video was a great help.   I was just pushing the lever  too timidly, afraid I’d break something…love this machine, don’t want to mess it up!!  Today I’m planning to embroider one of the beautiful built-in redwork designs onto a tea towel  for a Christmas gift, so I wanted to switch to the straight stitch needle plate.


So glad there are knowledgeable sewists on this list…you made my day, Gerda.


Chris in sunny Vancouver


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Hello Chris,

when you watch this on You Tube:

you can see how switching the needle plate is done (at about 1 minute in the movie) and how far you have to push the lever down.


Op 18-10-11 18:19, christitch schreef:


Hi, Jim. I'm enjoying playing with my new machine, but have hit a slight snag. I want to pop out one needle plate for another and have followed instructions on page 100 of the new instruction book.

Here's my issue. When I go to push down the needle plate release lever it moves loosely up and down by 1/4" or so. If I try to push any further I meet resistance. How far does the lever go down when it releases the needle plate on your machine? Does your lever move loosely before you push further?

I don't want to push too hard and break anything - unless I'm supposed to be pushing hard!

Thanks for any suggestion you can offer me...


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