Re: Melanie,Artistic Suite software question

maggie cooper

Melanie, I have just uploaded a small collection of designs created either in Digitiser Pro version 3, and MBX.  I've included 13 redwork (line work designs)  out of 75 designs I have created for a quilt top. The Janome/wilcom MBX software makes digitising redwork so quick and easy. I've also included some Free standing lace crochet photos created in MBX, I love hand crochet, but stiffening hands have meant I cant do as much, but MBX with it's incomparable end user motif creator means I can create Filet  crochet, circular crochet doileys, granny squares, simply by making up the different  groups of crochet stitches and turning them into motifs.
Out of the all the digitising programs I own and use, MBX offers me most control, ease of use and so much more. My album is called Maggie Coopers,  and if you visit you tube, type in digimad, you'll see my videos using both MBX and Embird Studio. You can see how both programs operate.
maggie cooper uk.

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