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I think I will do the 8" blocks - I will be using warm and natural - not the batilizer and a lightweight cut away stabilizer. The batilizer is much too expensive for me at this time what with the cost of exchange etc (I live in Canada). I am using up my "stash of stabilizer and batting" as well as some of my materials. I did have to buy thread for the "C" colour but for all the rest well of course I will be using my stash.


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I find with Hoopsisters designs if you put a layer of soft n sheer by sulky > or a light permanent stabilizer in the quilt sandwich my embroidery gives > me less issues. What size blocks are you doing? there are some stitch > issues with the 5 and 6 inch blocks.

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keep me posted - I am starting this Feathered Ferns class in 8 days - so > excited


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