Re: using the convertible free motion set on the Janome 12000

Patricia Ward

I have had very good luck using all of the plastic feet that come with the 12000 and they just fasten onto the shank. I like the fact that they have that extra bar in the back that fastens into the shank as well because the foot is stable.  You can adjust your foot height if you need for a thick quilt but I have never had to do that. 

With the Supreme Glider that was designed for the 12000 my quilts just glide across the surface.  

Personally I am very happy with the foot options that the 12000 gives us. 


On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 10:59 AM, Mary Jane Weddle <maryjweddle@...> wrote:

I do not like the plastic feet that are for free motion that comes with the 12000 machine as well as the feet I purchased for the 11000.  I just like the little narrow open toe foot and the tiny closed toe foot for the 11000 better. To me the plastic feet are bulky and harder to do things like echo quilting and very detailed designs.

On Apr 14, 2013 10:01 AM, "freida" <freida@...> wrote:

There is a convertible free motion set for the 12000 and it comes with
the machine. The difference is the feet snap on to the shank and do not
screw on. It comes with the same 3 feet that the original convertible
free motion set has. If you are using one from your 11000 or any other
machine, you take the chance of damaging your machine and possibly
voiding your warranty.

Freida Doubts
Sew E-Z

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