Re: Artistic Suite software question

maggie cooper

 I find it puzzling that Janome keeps flogging it instead of the far superior Digitizer MBX product. Try to get the same deal with MBX, but failing that take the discount.
(from Jim )
Jim, I have heard a lot about Embird software--what about it?
It's very popular, mostly because it's less expensive than other offerings and you can buy only what you need, one module at a time. It's not at all on the same level as MBX, but for many people it's all they need. That said, I don't use it, so I'm not really one to ask.
(from Jim)
Melanie, I have tried the Artistic software and like Jim found it outdated, awkward , not as easy or friendly to use as Janome/Wilcoms own software. It's main selling point it had a cutwork feature, but the standard digitising wasn't as intuitive as  the Janome/Wilcom package or the stitch engine as good. It was a program past its sell by date.
I use Embird, it's a good program, modular, not as inexpensive as Embird users tend to believe, also not as intuitive or user friendly as Janomes MBX. The learning curve can be steep, but having said that any digitising programs learning curve to a first time user can be daunting. I still use Embird, mainly as teach I it, but my program preference for my own work is the Janome/Wilcom software, I never need to take a design into an editor to sort out poorly pathed program generated underlay runs, (a requirement 90 percent of the time in Embird) remove overlapping areas of stitching. In the Janome software I have everything I need on one screen, no jumping from module to module, and it supports Janome embroidery machines. It does appear pricey but the investment is well worth it.
I also own Generations, now unused as the writers have failed to fix numerous issues, blaming them on end users, Origins, no longer available but I hang onto it as it was a lovely little program. I had stitch Era Universal, I've uninstalled it and have actually deliberately broken the disc as it was horrendous to use, I did have the Brother digitising program but it was stitch based and until the launch of their  Next software was not the most friendly software around, the new version now resembles the Janome/Wilcom  user interface. I've looked at Florriani's Total Control, again it resembles the Janome/Wilcom MBX but lacks some of the better MBX functions.
If you can persuade your dealer to stop offering you the inferior Artistic Suite software, ( it's a Janome USA sales drive, not a Janome Japan corporate choice) and push for the Janome/Wilcom package MBX, you'll have a far better program.
Maggie Cooper UK.

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