Artistic Suite software question


I am in process of buying my 12000 and my dealer has offered to throw in the high-priced Artistic Suite software with my machine when I pick it up or he will knock the value off the cost of machine. I am not experienced or knowledgable in embroidery software, so I am not sure if I need the Artistic Suite or if there is more affordable software out there that does the everything it can do.

I want to be able to customize & digitize original redwork designs, logos, monograms, and brands for home decor items.

Do you use Artistic Suite? What can you tell me about it? DOes it have advantages over other software pkgs? What capabilities does it have that are worth the extra $$$? If you use other programs, other than money, why did you choose it? What would you recommend?

I have had people tell me that you have to spend lots of money to get really good and user-friendly digitizing software, but before I invest in any program(s), I want lots of information.

Thanks so much,
Inquiring newbie

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