Re: Quilting with 12000


Quilting with the largest hoop on the 12,000 is possible, however depending how thick your quilt sandwich would be could be a problem if the sandwich was too thick.  There is a quilting program that is available for the 12,000 for a small price that would be a better choice all around.  It is a heavier hoop and has heavier magnets and has a great software program that is included that would make your quilting experience much better.  In fact you could try to convince your dealer to include the program in the price of the machine. (hmmm!!)
The hoop you are referring to in the largest hoop for the 12,000 is not a square hoop it is 9.7 X 11.7.  The Acufil quilting hoop is 8.7 x 8.7 and is more square.
If you do decide to purchase the 12,000 you will not be disappointed.  Where in Florida are you from.
Virginia in FL

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