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Some suggestions -
Try a topstitch needle, which has a larger eye. With some embroidery threads you can sometimes flip the spool, feeding off the other end. Be sure to use the appropriate thread cap when doing this. Use the embroidery bobbin case and straight stitch plate. We assume you are using the quilt hoop with magnets, but if you are using one of the others, it may not be hooped tightly enough.

Floriani thread, like most polyester embroidery threads, has a memory. It wants to go back into a coil like it was on the spool, and this can cause it to throw a loop now and again. When you just have 1 or 2, you can sometimes pull them to the back.

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Sorry Jim,I was just so fustrated I forgot the important stuff. Needle: organ size 11, thread: floriani, stablizer: batilizer
Stitches aren't to short. Got mad and spead up to 900 spm and then only one loop, but slow or fast it shouldn't make any difference. I did another block before this one and only had 2 or 3 loops, but this one had a good dozen. I'm doing the next block on my Quattro to see how it comes out.
Diane in NC

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We need more information. What type of thread? What type of fabric? What type of stabilizer? What type and size needle?

If there are very short stitches in the design, a needle that is too large can cause a loop, because both ends of the stitch are in the same hole. Very dense designs can also cause loops. With more information we should be able to provide some helpful advice.

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Jim, Please help. I am embroidering a hoopsisters quilt. It is the star and feather(new one). Doing the embroidery I am starting to get loops on top. I have a new needle and have slowed down the machine. What else do I need to do? The embroidery on the first square had maybe three loops but on it, this second one I've already gotten 5 and am not finished. It was digitized by Sharon Shombler and it is beautiful. Please help. The material and thread is too expensive for this to mess up.
Diane in NC

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