Re: New Owner of Janome 12000 says hello

Nora Turecka

Dear Melanie,

congratulations to your new baby. Welcome to this wonderful MC12000 group. Jim is always there for us with a piece of good advice and so are many experienced ladies eager to share their experience with you. 

I can read from all the postings that MC12000 are very happy owners and glad to have made this expensive choice.

What I like best is the AcuFil Quilting Kit, works like a miracle for me. I already quilted two quilts and every time I watch the machine embroider quilting designs on the quilt, I am simply amazed.

I wish you lots of fun and Happy Sewing

Kind regards from Vienna, Austria


Am 13.04.2013 um 01:08 schrieb mel2sew:


Good evening. I am a new & proud owner of a Janome 12000 and I am so excited to start using this wonderful machine. I am also fairly new to machine embroidery as I have only used my Brother 780 to make quilt labels and to monogram a few towels, but I wanted to do more and have a larger hoop capability so I went for it all with this new machine.

I look forward to learning all that this machine can do. Melanie in Texas

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