Converting color photos into color embroidery with MBX

Carol Carlgren

Hi Everyone!

So glad I was pointed in the direction of this forum!

I'm a brand new owner of a MC12000 and what little I have used it for--primarily embroidering built in designs with minor color changes as I didn't have all the colors that were suggested--but LOVING every minute of it! And I am sure we made the salesman's year when we bought it and the MBX software and other stuff as well!

My question is can the MBX software convert color photos to color embroidery? That is the primary reason we spent the money on the software was to have the ability to embroider pictures of our 5 Dachshunds!

Hubby has just started playing with the software and he did a project of his ham radio, but it converted the picture to grey scale and he wanted color, so he spent about 30 hours redrawing it only to find out that it only embroidered 3 colors even when the program showed 6 colors. I would hate to think that we wasted $1000 on the software that won't do what we want it to do!

Any suggestions would be helpful! Hubby is going to play with it more this weekend.


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