Re: Sending Embroidery Design to 12000

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Contact Trevor through the Sunset Stitches website ( to see about getting the DVD. I'm sure he can help.

Windows 8 appears to be Microsoft's attempt at making a combination toaster & blender, and it fails on both counts. With the exception of Janome software, I have eliminated Windows from my life. When I need Windows I use Windows 7.

When you sign up for a webinar you will get an email directing you to a web page. Click that link and you should find information on testing your computer's connectivity, as well as fixing any problems you may have.

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No, I didn't get that DVD. I had the Digitizer Pro, I believe, with my 11000. When I upgraded to the 12000, my dealer at the time as part of the deal threw in the upgrade to the MBX but I didn't receive that DVD. Is that something I can order? My dealer went out of business. I've been talking with another store when I have questions, but not sure if they could get me this DVD.

I tried earlier to go to Janome's webinar on MBX but had trouble as I think I may need to load something to view it. I'm guessing this gentleman's webinar would be better.

I have Windows 8 now (ugh). Regretting it I think!

Anyway, when I have time and can figure out how to run it, I will take a look. Any advice on how to go about viewing these webinars on Windows 8?!



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