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Did anyone mention the stabilizing plate for the buttonholes?? That's what it for! Uneven surfaces...

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ARgh!!!Just want to share my frustration that the 0 foot (1/4 inch) and the clear quilting foot don't have a full 9 mm opening! You need to have the wide plate in, to have the needle go far right, but there is no sensor to prevent you from accidently forgetting that your needle was in far left postition. I was topstitching with needle far left, then switched to the clear foot, and, now I have a broken needle and broken foot. At least with my Bernina, when I'd forget, the needle would break, but the foot was metal and unaffected. I like all the markings on that clear foot, and as it comes with a center guide, it would be so useful to be able to work with the whole 9mm width, and not have to worry about breaking it! there are quite a few prescision sewing suggestions I could make to janome, for example, we need a buttonhole foot that can be locked straight/flat, instead of hinging. It is almost impossible to get a decent looking buttonhole (it IS impossible with the R foot) on a toddler dress at the neck when you have a bias binding and piping around the neckline. The height difference causes the foot to hinge up or down, and it won't move! I have to use the F foot, do the manual settings for the length and the jean a ma jig (and still usually have to unstitch at least once)...or get my Bernina out.

Speaking of buttonholes, is there a way to adjust the density on just the right side, or the left side, not the whole buttonhole?

for those of us who have more than one brand sewing machine, wouldn't it be nice to be able to put all our favorite features on ONE machine?

the VD foot is my new favorite for quilt piecing (especailly now that I BROKE my clear foot....did I mention I broke my foot?). the edge of the foot is 1/4 inch from the needle, so I can use center needle position and the straight stitch plate (which won't allow me to forget and pick a stitch I can break a needle on!) for precision stitching and not lose triangle points. You just need to have a little starter piece, as this foot pulls from the back, not near the needle. It's also the best for using with the circular sewing attachment, too. And I still love how beautifully my fabric gathers using the preset gathering function, and this machine has the best straight stitch, top and bottom, of any machine I've ever owned. My topstitching is gorgeous, if I may say so myself!

Ok, need to find a new needle, and get my sewing done. Barbara Jean

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