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Did you get Trevor Conquergood's DVD with your copy of MBX? That's a much better way to get started than the owner's manual. You can also pick up a lot of good information from his website, where he offers frequent webinars:

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''When I click to send the design to the machine a message flashes very quickly that says something about Graphics Mode. It flashes very quickly so hard to read. I clicked on the icon for graphics mode but not sure why it's wanting me to go to Graphics Mode.''
Marla, normally that doesnt always show up, it isnt something to worry about if you see it again, its just Corel creating the graphic that is included with the stitch file.
Maggie Cooper
Thanks for that information. It is still flashing something this morning, so like you say, guess I won't be concerned!

I really need a course on digitizing and for that matter using computers in general! I just don't use the digitizing program enough and then have to relearn the little that I do know! I had the entire manual printed at a printers so I can study up on digitizing someday! ;) I really need a course but I'm not aware of any in the vicinity. My closest Janome dealer is over an hour away. Sorry, just venting, I guess. I do love Janome but wish there were better training classes available for digitizing, etc! ;)

Thanks for your help!


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