Re: Sending Embroidery Design to 12000


Thanks. I discovered that after going to Janome's website. My husband and I updated the software and I just now sent the design to my machine! We did all the updates including the one for Windows 8 and also updated the Horizon Link software.

Everything seems to be working now!

Thanks again,

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There is an update for MBX that addresses this:

There is also an update for Windows 8 users:

Install both updates and let us know whether that fixes the problem.

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I haven't used my Digitizer MBX for awhile and we got a new computer in December with Windows 8. I'm not sure if that's the problem or user error, but I did some lettering and I'm trying to send the design to my 12000. I'm pretty sure the cable is hooked up to the computer but having problems!

When I click to send the design to the machine a message flashes very quickly that says something about Graphics Mode. It flashes very quickly so hard to read. I clicked on the icon for graphics mode but not sure why it's wanting me to go to Graphics Mode.

I'm lost here! Perhaps my DH can help me when he gets home but hoping someone has some words of wisdom for me!

Marla (Indiana)

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