Stitch Creator/Loading Stitches


I started a new topic on the Stitch Creator because the previous one seems to have gotten buried.  Gerda asked if there was a way to load existing stitches.  There is, but I don't see all of the stitches that are on our machines.  Here is what I have discovered.  Open Stitch Composer and click on the little yellow folder at the top left.  It will let you open an existing stitch data file. If it doesn't already open to the proper folder,  navigate to the folder Program Files\Janome\HorizonLink\Sample\Created Stitches.  There are several stitches from the machine (and any you have created yourself).  The machine stitches just have S01, S02 or S35, etc and no picture.  You can click on one of them and it will display on the screen.  You can alter it by clicking on the "point/move" icon on the upper left.  This changes the  blue "nodes" on the stitch to reddish nodes.  You can move the nodes as you wish.  Be sure to click the "Save As" icon and save the stitch under another name so you don't overwrite the original.

I would really like to know why we can't see all of the machine stitches.  Any ideas?

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