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The 'Joey' cabinet by Koaola (not sure if I spelled that right) comes with a great storage cabinet with drawers and the removable wooden plate for the top left drawer for extra surface area and the table opening fits the 12000 perfectly for table surface sewing. To use the embroidery unit, you do need to raise the machine bed to the table surface height, but that's easy as it is a nice airlift mechanism. It also comes with an adjustable sewing chair and an adorable Momma Kangaroo with a 'Joey' in her pouch. I ordered mine from a company in Texas, I think it was called or something very similar. The price was right and the service and delivery were excellent.

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I bought a new Horn cabinet that has an electric lift (no more pushing and pulling on the machine to raise and/or lower it), it's just like a ququilters dream with the big extension on the back. In addition there is a plate you put on the drawer when you pull it out that gives you lots of room to the left and in front of the machine. I LOVE it!!

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I use a regular Horn cabinet, pulled out from the wall enough to
accomodate the embroidery arm with an extra inch or so for maneuvering.
Vicki Jo
On 4/4/2013 6:12 PM, shejmartin1 wrote:
I know this has been discussed before on this site; but I just moved into a new home and would like to buy a new sewing cabinet for my 12000 and also a cutting table with some storage in it. Right now, I am using a table from Ikea.

I would like to get opinions from some of you about what tables or cabinets you use and how you like them.


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