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The 12000 does need a lot of space when embroidering, which meant I needed to pull my horn cabinet away from the wall when in that mode. After researching the newer Horn cabinets which will take the 12000 I decided to ask a carpenter to install some 80 cm kitchen worktop fixed to the wall but with three bedside cabinets to support the weight.

Installed as a corner space roughly 130cm x 220cm but fixed at a lower height so that the needle is at the level that it would be if it were in the lift of a Horn cabinet. There is now a lot more space for a volume of fabric and to put down the scissors and pins.

The bedside cabinets from Dunelm Mill were the only thing we could find at the required height of 60cm but they are quite nice looking oak with three drawers. The complete job cost less than a new Cabinet big enough to take the 12000.

I am well pleased with the outcome and the Horn cabinet is now against another wall and houses the overlocker and two other machines when necessary. I should perhaps add that I am not very tall at 5ft 2in, you would need to take your own height into consideration to avoid stress on your back.

Best regards from UK, Joan

Hope this is helpful. Joan in UK

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I bought a new Horn cabinet that has an electric lift (no more pushing and pulling on the machine to raise and/or lower it), it's just like a ququilters dream with the big extension on the back. In

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