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On the 11000 you can adjust the "alert" point of the low bobbin sensor. Touch the SET key, then the Ordinary Sewing key. It should come up to page SET1. The second setting adjusts the warning point. Use the minus key to set it as low as it will go. If it continues to come on prematurely you can have your dealer adjust the sensor. It's a very simple and quick adjustment that does not require opening the machine.

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Can I butt in with a question,please? I just the 11000 last week.Is there
a way to turn off that low bobbin while doing normal sewing? It is driving
me crazy when it keeps beeping. My Singer XL6000
would let you know it was low,but would kieep sewing till it ran out. In
Embroidery it had a continous winder,

Ann Simon (in nowhere land) Bradford Pa.

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