Re: Janome MC1100SE presser foot P embroidery error

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Hi Jim thanks for your reply I managed to fix the sensor myself as I found a MC11000 Service Manual online & followed the step by step instructions in there & it worked a treat. Thanks for your help :-)

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That's a common problem on the 11000, especially new ones. There is a sensor that needs to be adjusted under the top cover. It's simple, but your dealer needs to do it.

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Hello I have only just got my machine & I have an error message already :-( I tried embroidery for the first time today but I had a reoccurring error message saying attach presser foot 'P' even though I had that fooy already attached correctly. I checked & rechecked every possible setting & everything was right but it still showed the presser foot 'P' error which I could not over-ride at all so the machine would not even start! Has anyone else had this issue & if so how did you fix it? Thank you Emma :-)

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