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In embroidery mode the machine checks the bobbin supply immediately after the START button is pressed, and at various times during embroidery. Once it has been determined to be too low, it won't sew again until you change the bobbin.

In ordinary sewing mode, the bobbin is also checked from time to time when you stop sewing. When the bobbin is found to be low, a message pops up indicating that it's low. However you can continue to sew. The message will continue to pop up, but you can ignore it. You don't even have to touch the X to get rid of the message - just pressing the foot control will do that. So if you want to use up old bobbins in piecing you should have no problem doing that.

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Yes. And in the embroidery settings you can tell it how low you want the bobbin thread to get before it stops.

I went for a lesson on my 12000 today and did learn that unlike the 11000 you can't keep sewing after you get the low bobbin warning and you can't turn the warning off. My teacher is hoping this might be something they correct with some kind of software update later. On my 11000 when I was sewing patchwork I would just keep sewing until bobbin thread was gone; I even saved bobbins for embroidery to "use up" when doing patchwork, but I guess I can't do that anymore.

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I am using my embroidery for the first time. I have started a design. I prewound 5 bobbins before I started the project. My question is, while embroidering, will the machine stop if it is low on bobbin thread?

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