Re: CD reader for the 12000

sandy k

I didnt get it to work, it says the flash drive cannot be used. I was so hoping....
I always used my cd reader with my other machines.

Sandy Kent/Quilter
Magnolia Springs Texas

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Subject: [janome12000] Re: CD reader for the 12000

Thanks Jim, that would be a wonderful addition if it was possible. The designs did not have to be put into a special folder or the CD formatted. We put the CD into the 'CD reader' first, which was hooked to her machine and turned on. We checked the CD by going into 'my computer' and looked at the CD it had nothing on it. So I presume no special folder needed. Big plus I would think.
Will look forward to hearing what you find out. Zoe

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> You may have made a discovery. The 11000 had an available external CD-ROM drive that allowed designs to be read from CD. There is nothing in the 12000 to indicate that it would support a CD, even after the first update. However you seem to have made it work by just plugging the CD drive into the USB port. I'm at a conference this week, but will check it out when I get home.
> --- In janome12000@..., "sew3emb" wrote:
> >
> > Jim or anyone who has ever used one of these.
> >
> > I was at my friends house yesterday who has a brother machine..I helped her put unzipped designs onto a CD and then she put the CD into a (for lack of better word)box that was hooked to her machine by way of a usb port. It was able to read the designs.
> >
> > She also can use a usb stick. However she was wanting to clear off some of the saved designs from her computer but have them readily available to her machine.
> >
> > Hope that make sense or at least a little bit.
> >
> > My question is this (the Cd reader box) something that is available for the 12000 or perhaps could be in the future? Zoe
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