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Thanks Jim,

I didn't think it through enough.
The flower stitcher I have, doesn't use the feed dogs because the top moves the fabric (every time the needle goes up en down, it moves a bit). But the bottotm stitches will be too long.

I will look into the converter then.


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Janome's flower stitcher, also low shank, was discontinued more than 20 years ago. It was quite expensive, and not something that was ever used much.

I don't think putting something on the machine bed is going to be much help. Whatever you put there will wind up stitched to your project. I also don't remember the flower stitcher not needing the feed dogs. Your best hope at making it work is an adapter that allows low shank feet to be used on high shank machines. There's one at the bottom of this page:

I seem to remember using this adapter many years ago, perhaps even with the flower stitcher when we were trying to sell the last of them. I don't remember whether it worked or not.

--- In janome12000@..., "pinguin60@..." wrote:
> I have a generic flower stitcher, but it is for low shank machines. It
> fits my Pfaff, but doesn't work well as it interferes with the IDT
> (double transport, walking foot attachment)
> The Janome is high shank, so the flower attachment doesn't come down
> enough to touch the machine bed. As it doesn't need the feed dogs to
> work, do you think it would be OK to put a layer of something (I don't
> know what yet) on the machine bed? Thick enough to cover the difference
> between the low and the high shank.
> Or is there a flower stitch attachment available for the Janome 12000
> Thanks,
> Gerda

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