Re: Problems with embroidering wider satin stitches


It was a design that was included with a workshop at my dealer. So I may assume it was not converted a couple of times like you suggest.
I can't check the design now, as it is on the USB Stick and I left it at the dealer.


Op 29-03-13 01:40, Vikki Youngmeyer schreef:


Not all designs “translate” 100 percent into other formats. If one creates a design using PEF format, it doesn’t always come out perfectly when transferred to other formats.  Also, how many times has it been reconstructed for different formats? You start with a format for Brother machines and translate it into a format for Pfaff machines then take that format and create a JEF format. I’m getting dizzy just thinking about this!


So maybe after three or four translations it finally becomes a Janome JEF file. However, it’s not perfect, but we got it from a friend of a friend of a friend! Don’t tell me we are all holier than thou and don’t do this. In addition one may h

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