Re: Problems with embroidering wider satin stitches

I had the same problem with a design I bought from a couple of years ago on my 11000---I thought something was horribly wrong with my machine and after my dealer spent a lot of time looking at it, and the design, he figured out it was the satin stitch in the design was so wide, my machine was treating it like a jump stitch.  I think my dealer told me to turn off the jump stitch cutter when I was doing that design, and then it stitched out ok.  I think, though, the design itself wasn't digitized well, or it wouldn't have had those long satin stitches in it.  I did write about the design, because I also had some problems with the outline stitches, and they told me that I obviously wasn't stabilizing correctly and there was nothing wrong with the design!  So, I don't buy from them anymore.

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