Re: Downsizing

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

Well there are two problems with this:

1. To legally sell them you must first delete every copy of every design that's on the floppies. Otherwise you are violating the copyright.
2. It's questionable whether any prospective buyers are available who still own a floppy drive.

Since your object is to downsize, more than make money, I would suggest that you use your external floppy drive to copy each floppy to a folder on your computer. Then burn all of those folders to a CD for long-term storage. Once you have verified that the CD is readable, destroy the floppies and sell the external floppy drive.

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Is it ok/legal to sell floppy disks with machine embroidery designs on that I used when I had my first way back. I have used them with my 12000 with an external floppy disk,and to computer, etc and/or just putting them on flash drives, etc. I'm downsizing and have about 15-20 huge notebooks , etc, etc, etc. Thanks.

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