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sharon.palmer15 <sharon.palmer15@...>

No problem, thanks for everything that you do for the group. I will either keep my iphone or get the CD.

Thanks again Jim

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FootBook (the app) is written for Apple's iOS operating system. That means it works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Amazon's Kindle products use a proprietary version of the Android operating system, so they would require a version written specifically for them. We would also need to develop unique versions for each of the various Android version used on the various smart phones and tablets that use Android. This requires a lot more resources than 2 people can devote to a $7 app, so I'm sorry to say it won't happen.

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I am a new owner of the 12000 and am kind of intimidated by all the features it has. I don't own an ipad and I'm thinking about getting rid of my iphone so I was wondering will the footbook work on the Kindle Fire?


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