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The bad news is that the AcuFil Tool software, like Horizon Link, is anything but intuitive. The good news is that Diane has figured both of them out and is in the process of producing some awesome video on using each. To find the AcuFil designs, follow this path:

Start at drive C. Open "Program Files" (or "Program Files (X86)" on 64-bit systems), then "Janome", then "AcuFilTool", then "Design Collection". There you'll find folders with the designs you want.

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Does anyone have the Accufil Tool kit for the MC12000? I got mine last week, but am having a hard time getting it to run. When I try to open the Accufil designs, I'm getting the machine embroidery designs instead. Any help would be appreciated. I've called Janome tech support, but they have voice mail and when I leave a message with call back info, no one calls back. Is their tech help usually so non-responsive? It's making me sorry I bought a Janome. Thanks for your help, Barbara
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I don't think this has anything to do with the machine, other than the software inside the machine. When the machine stops like this during embroidery, it's usually because something in the design confused it. It could be a design that isn't correctly formed, but it could also be the result of something that happened in MBX.

I'm wondering if you created the entire design from scratch in MBX, or if you also included a stitch file (any format EXCEPT JAN). Mixing stitch files with embroidery objects can cause some very weird effects, particularly with the first letter in a lettering object. I first saw this with a customer who was opening a stitch file (JEF) and then adding some lettering to it. The lettering was green, but the first letter was always shown as pink. It took a while to figure out, but the problem was the inclusion of several "manual" objects from the stitch file with 0 stitches in them. Once we removed all of those it worked fine.

If you created the entire design in MBX, but saved it as JEF instead of JAN, that would also create this type of problem. To check for it, use the Resquence bar in Objects view. Look for objects with 0 stitches and delete them. This may fix the problem.

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Don't know if anyone else has had this problem I could not find anything on group messages.  I made a basic design with weave fill using Janome MBX software, just like I have done several times before with no problems.  During stitch out the embroidery machine stopped while doing the design and gave no message on screen.  No broken thread and it had a full bobbin at the start.  I pushed the start button and the embroidery continued.  I stitched a block type name on a towel and had problem with first letter of 6 that I was working on.  Other 5 stitched with no problems. This design is the weave fill #1 that I have never had any issues with before.  Digitized and stabilized the same as I have done for many towels designs in the past.  
I just had the annual service done on my machine and there were no problems.  I have only done one other design on the machine since service and had the same issue with machine stopping but it was a very complicated design with top stitches that were too small and figured that was what caused it then. They were straight single line and small satin stitches so I figured that was the problem there and moved nodes further apart which seemed to stop the problem on that design.   
Any ideas on what would have caused the machine to stop?  Thanks for any help or advice on what may be wrong. Wonder if I should take it back to have the tech check it again but wanted to see if others had the same problem before I do that.  Thank you, Glenda

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