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The download site is the manufacturer of the dongle that MBX uses, so they are the final authority on dongle connectivity. As Maggie says, it's good to keep the dongle driver current, but if MBX is working fine you probably don't need to do anything.

Generally when Janome does an update, they fold in the latest dongle driver. However they sometimes take a while to do that, particularly when a new version of Windows appears. For example, Windows 8 has been the version shipped with most computers for many months, but only recently did Janome release an updated dongle driver.

The other problem with dongle drivers is Microsoft. Many times in the past they have released a software update that breaks the dongle driver, and at least once they issued a dongle driver as part of an update that was broken. Whenever you find that your dongle will not light up, do as Maggie says and update the driver before attempting any other correction. Very often it will correct the problem.

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Jim -- what say you about this? I don't download anything until Jim gives
it the two thumbs up and says ok. My MBX is running fine on Windows 7 64
bit... why do I need this?


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There is a new Dongle/hasp driver for windows users, here's the link
select the
Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer
Windows , 13.2 MB, Version 6.56, Released 2013-03-20
you'll get a new screen, an end user product terms, scroll down thru it
and select I accept, then you should get a pop up dialogue box asking Run,
Save, Save as, select save as, and pop it on your desktop for ease of
finding. Depending on your browser settings you may not get the save
dialogue box in which case you have to find the download.

Unzip the download, inside you will find the install icon, click on it,
you'll get a message saying it has detected a runtime driver and it has to
be removed, then it offers to remove it, say yes. When its uninstalled
that it starts the install, accept the terms and conditions and just let it
do its own thing, then it will tell you its installed and you hit finish.

You need to keep your Dongle/hasp driver updated, or you might find one
day even tho the dongle lights up the program wont launch. No amount of
deleting recovery files running revert, or re running the latest update to
access the repair option will make the program launch if the dongle/hasp
driver is out of date.

NEVER uninstall MBX without first trying a Dongle/hasp updated driver,
running Revert, deleting recovery and Bak files, and re running the latest
MBX update to get the repair function. If the program still wont launch
contact tech support, who may or may not offer a remote PC support session.

Maggie Cooper, (Bond's P Galore, LOL a septuagenarian Bond girl)


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