Re: Needle Threader Problem 12000

Sherry Martin

Boy you are such a genius! I wish you could live with me for a couple of weeks until I figure out everything on the machine. I had an 11000 before and I was an accountant and know computers so I thought I would just breeze thru. The learning curve is higher than I thought.

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The hook on the needle threader has to be small enough to go through the eye of a needle. Unfortunately that makes it very fragile and easily bent. Factory calibration is done using a 14 needle, which has a bigger eye than a size 11, which is about the smallest you can count on the threader to work with. However if the threader is not lined up PERFECTLY it can get bent on sizes smaller than 14. I used to use a size 11 to set the threader just to make sure everything was right. I cannot remember us ever having a class in the store where there wasn't at least one needle threader to fix. This was true for every single threader design, from the old "push button" ones to the motorized to the pull-down styles. In truth the best threader is the external one provided with the MB-4 and some of the sergers. It can still get bent, but you just get a new one - problem solved. Adjusting the threader is a tedious repair, and I don't miss doing it!

Your embroidery speed issue is due to the machine being set in "Quiet" mode. That affects quite a number of things, including the top speed. Turn off Quiet mode and you'll be rocking again!

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My machine came with a size 14 needle. When I changed to the Janome blue size 12 needle I am having trouble with the hook for auto needle threading getting thru the needle. I have to push the needle over to the left a little and then push down the threader. Has anyone else had that problem? Or do I have the needle in wrong. I had a lot of trouble finding the spot to stick it up into when I changed the needle.

Also when I try to change the speed in the embroidery mode, it is set on 400 and it is grayed out and won't let me increase the speed. My dealer couldn't figure out what was wrong either over the phone so they are going to look at it when I go in for my lesson next week. Has anyone else had a problem like that?


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