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When you use the dual feed foot on the 7700 your needle position setting for the 1/4 inch dual feed foot is 5.5. If the normal "O" 1/4 inch foot is used than the single stitch needle plate can be engaged.

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We are talking about the 7700. Not the 12,000.

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i think when you use the dual feed 1/4 inch piecing foot, your needle
position moves to the right and you can't use your single stitch needle plate.

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When using the dual feed foot for piecing stitch be sure you engage the
dual feed foot and carefully switch to the single hole plate. That may
Be sure you are using the right size needle and that there is no burr on
the needle.


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My question is for the 7700 machine and I'm, hoping you might have some
ideas as to what could cause my issue. I'm using Masterpiece thread,
1/4 inch foot on quilt stitch 93 piecing quilts. I thought the machine
needed to be serviced so I took it in for maintenance. The top thread
making a tiny loop on the bottom fabric every once in a while. When it
back from the technician at first it would sew about 2 inches then the
stitches would get very tiny and the fabric wouldn't feed thru. I
changed the needle, turned it off, turned it on, changed the top tension
to 6
and finally it stopped doing this but now it does the little top loop on
bottom side about every 2 inches. I spent most of the afternoon
at the shop. They tried everything, changed the foot, changed the bobbin
case, all sorts of other things and finally told me I had to leave the
machine. They were going to call Janome. Do you have any idea what could
cause t
his issue? Your opinion is very much appreciated!

BTW - I love the Volume 1 video guide for the 12000, can't wait to see
next one!


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