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Be sure to delete your recovery files each time you close you program.  also at times when the program gives us a problem you  cango to the revert file and that will correct many issues.

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Can someone pls. help me in a software issue. I use MBX Digitizer Pro, and is very satisfied with the program. Normally I pick the design from Design Gallery and opens it in Easy Design and send it through Horizon Link to my MC 12000. Yesterday I experienced, that Easy Design wouldn´t open. It said starting for very long time. I restarted the PC several times with the same result. I also tried to open Easy Design through Start/Programs – no succeed. (the dongle is lightening). I have had the program for nearly two years, and it has until now been working. In my desperation I uninstalled the MBX and installed it again. Now the Easy Design and the Design Edit icons on the desktop don´t look the way they normally do, and I still cannot open Easy Design. The Design Gallery isn´t there at all. I have been uninstalling and installing for several times with the same result.
I hope someone can help me – I am desperate.
Hopefully you understand my description :o)
Thanks in advance!

Laila from Denmark

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