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Sure, it's definitely worth using the single hole plate for embroidery, but I don't think it is related at all to the thread nesting. If you compare machine sewing to hand sewing, imagine the process of pulling the thread to the top with your fingers. The take-up lever is your fingertips, and the tension is how tightly they are gripping the needle. Without holding the needle in your fingertips - you get a loop. Don't hold the needle tightly enough - you get a loop. Run the machine without the thread in the take-up lever, or with little to no tension, you get a lot of loops, aka a thread "nest". When the needle is coming up, the thread is tucked snugly into the groove at the back of the needle, so there is no "play" in the thread. That's why the size of the hole in the plate is not a factor, although using the single hole plate provides more support to the fabric, resulting in a better stitch.

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Also, when I was playing with the 12000 last weekend, I mentioned the
nesting under the needle plate/bobbin area, and Sue said it MIGHT be a
choice of needleplates. Use the single hole one instead of the wide hole
to give the thread less play coming up thru the needle plate and see if that
cures it. Worth a try?

Linda True Norman
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When this happened to me it was because I had broken a needle. The damage
done to the bobbin case created bumps and burrs in the plastic case. I tried
filing them down, but they were too severe. The thread kept getting caught
on the plastic as it came around the case. I finally had to get a new bobbin
case. Examine your case and try your embroidery case to see if your stitches
skip with it.

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