Stitch issue on 7700 <pjrulo@...>


My question is for the 7700 machine and I'm, hoping you might have some ideas as to what could cause my issue. I'm using Masterpiece thread, accufeed 1/4 inch foot on quilt stitch 93 piecing quilts. I thought the machine needed to be serviced so I took it in for maintenance. The top thread was making a tiny loop on the bottom fabric every once in a while. When it came back from the technician at first it would sew about 2 inches then the stitches would get very tiny and the fabric wouldn't feed thru. I rethreaded, changed the needle, turned it off, turned it on, changed the top tension to 6 and finally it stopped doing this but now it does the little top loop on the bottom side about every 2 inches. I spent most of the afternoon yesterday at the shop. They tried everything, changed the foot, changed the bobbin case, all sorts of other things and finally told me I had to leave the machine. They were going to call Janome. Do you have any idea what could cause this issue? Your opinion is very much appreciated!

BTW - I love the Volume 1 video guide for the 12000, can't wait to see the next one!


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