Re: At last the great HOrizon 12000

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There's actually a Sashiko stitch in the 12000. Touch the Applications key (T-shirt), then Quilting, then Sculpture and it's the third one on that screen. You'll use the AD dual feed foot, as called for on the screen, with your regular thread in needle and bobbin. You can also achieve a hand-stitched look using one of the stitches in the Hand Look section of the Quilting application. Those use monofilament in the needle and quilting thread on the bobbin.

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Good Morning:

With the 11,000SE for a Shashiko stiich directions were to use stitch #63 (
hand look quilting stitch)and use monofilament thread on the top of the
machine and Janome Acrylic thread in the bobbin.

I think with our 12,000 it is the same procedure just look for the Hand
Look quilting stitch I am not sure what # it would be, but it should be in
the application feature.


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