Re: Janome 12000 or Babylock Ellisimo Gold


My friend has the Janome 7700 and the Ellismo Gold. She has had it a number of months now and was telling me that the Janome 7700 is a much better sewing machine than the Ellismo is and she wished she had got the 12,000. My dealer sells the Janome and Brother (same as the Ellismo) and she prefers the Janome. She said the Janome's are better built. I know the Ellismo seems to have more bells and whistles, but after talking with my friend and hearing how she has to stop working on the Babylock and go to the Janome 7700 to finish projects, I am glad I made the decision I did.

She was going to sell the Janome 7700, but waited and she said she cannot part with it as it surpasses the BL in sewing. Yet, she really does like the camera on it.

Now, I see from the boards where there are many happy Babylock owners, but never have I talked to anyone who could really compare both brands side by side. Of course, the 7700 is not embroidery, just sewing, I believe the sewing side is like the Janome 12,000.

Good Luck

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