Noisy embroidery arm

Becky Petersen

I just began to have this problem today - sad. L I do not have a dealer within about 4 hours will have to call them. The embroidery unit started making a lot of noise and now isn't working correctly and now won't center when I start a design. It is as if the side to side motion isn't working.

My husband is looking at it right now. (Don't worry, if it can be fixed, he can do it according to a Polish saying, He has "golden hands.") I have been using the embroidery unit and using it-and using it.

I suppose the worst case scenario is that I have to replace the embroidery unit as this machine had no warranty as I bought it second-hand. We decided that it would be worth it to take the risk, however, as I got it very reasonably (just over 3K).


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