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One of the problems with mailing lists like this one is that there is no easy way for new members to "catch up" on the information already posted. There are now nearly 5,000 messages to wade through, and I don't know anyone with that much free time! The DVD in question is an interactive one that Diane and I made on the settings and sewing applications of the 12000. It's menu driven, with extensive video material. Volume 1 is for the sewing functions of the 12000. Volume 2, currently in development, will focus on embroidery and software. Details and a sample video can be found here:
Members of this list can get a discounted price by ordering here:

Next month we will be offering the DVD to dealers. At that time the price will increase by $10 and the Yahoo group special will go away. Thanks for your interest!

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I am new to this board and am hearing all about this great DVD. How do I order it? Is there an order blank somewhere?

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